Verizon wireless promotions for existing customers 2018

Verizon wireless is the largest wireless telecommunication provider in the United States. As of October 2017, it has 149 million subscribers all over the United States. Nonetheless, the company has also been expanding not just to the USA but to several countries and have been dealing partnerships with multi-corporate companies. With this very big market, Verizon has been leading the market for the past few years, not until the entry of AT&T and T-Mobile in the market. That is why Verizon wireless needs to do something in order to re-establish and retain its top position. Thus, the Verizon wireless promotions for existing customers this 2018 has been offered to compete over the wide-ranging wireless telecommunications that has been rising in popularity in the United States.

If you are thinking of switching on or subscribing to Verizon wireless, then this article will help you ponder on over whatever you’ve been trying to do on. Presenting to you, some of the best deals and promotions that Verizon Wireless is currently offering.

Verizon Wireless Advantages

Verizon wireless promotions for existing customers

Before we get to the exciting part of this article, let’s evaluate first some of the strengths that a lot of users enjoyed with this wireless brand. This strength makes the Verizon still retain its position despite a lot of competitors arising in the market. These advantages pose a benefit to the company’s position that is currently now holding.

Solid Branding

Ever since its conception in early 2000, this company has been greatly advertised and used by a lot of users. Nonetheless, it’s quite a benefit that the company has been one of the firsts to introduce the wireless market in the USA. It has been known to have a great branding with a lot of advertisements, promos, and discounts that you could enjoy over. Aside from that, the company has been making efficient business strategies to lure around a lot of users. It’s not just pure efficiency, sometimes it’s all just sales and business talk!

Large Scope and Expanse

Another thing, the company also could be used to a lot of states in the USA. In terms of signal and coverage, the wireless service provider is the only company who caters the best. It even reaches to rural and hinterland areas where it’s most required. Aside from that, the company has been getting the expansion to another span of businesses like cable TV and wireless internet services that is quite helpful for the company to entice around a lot of users.

Superior Quality Services

The primary reason why people love this company is that it has been giving great services to its customers. It has strong and secure wireless connections inducing excellent speed and bandwidth as to its advertising. Aside from that, the company is very accessible with a lot of shops and centers all over the USA. It has also great customer service that most people love on.

Business Partnerships

The company has been known to have strong network ties with a lot of businesses all over the world. It has dealt a lot of partnerships with different businesses all over the world and does not limit itself on within the USA’s scape. It had been continuously expanding its services to other countries and investing so much in telecommunication services.

Verizon Wireless Disadvantages

Verizon wireless promotions for existing customers

Despite the company’s branding, a lot of its customers has continuously been shifting between one service providers to another because of this company’s weaknesses. Nonetheless, these drawbacks are potentially inhibited the company’s continuous growth within the market.

Expensive Services

This is the primarily the main reason why customers doubt on utilization with this company’s services. Monthly fees and data services are quite a price to pay. Though a lot of users still chose over this company because of its high-quality services and wide range coverage, there is a wide shift from this company to another because of the upgrades that some of its competitors incorporate.

As related to this, Verizon lacks flexibility. Unlike its competitors, it is very limited to particular market and not exploring its avenue to low-income generating markets. That is why a lot of people loses confidence in the company because of its competitors that arises offering cheaper services.

Nonetheless, as of now, the company has been slowly gaining its reputation in the low-income markets by offering some affordable services within minimum internet speed.

Verizon Wireless Deals this 2018

Because of the gradual shift of some users to different wireless companies, Verizon Wireless has begun to employ strategic plans by luring around people with their wireless deals and discounts. Nonetheless, here are some of the deals and promos that the company is currently offering on to their customers. This includes the following;

Get Google Home Mini and Max Bundle for $399

Normally, when you’re buying smart speakers like Google Home Mini and Home Max, you’ll probably refuse on purchasing any of these devices. Nonetheless, these are very expensive devices, to begin with. Google Home Mini costs about $49 while buying Home Max, you’ll need to have $399. In combination, you should have a total of $448. But consequently, Verizon Wireless will give you everything for $399 given that you’ll subscribe to them.

Buy From Amazon

Purchase Pixel 2 XL for about $22.91/month

The Google Pixel has been one of the indemand Android phones today. That is why Verizon Wireless is taking their chances by letting its consumers avail of a great discount for purchase with this premium phone. You just need to pay this device for $22.92/month instead of $35.41 to get this phone.

Overall, if you sum up, you will save as much as $300 off as compared to the regular device. This is such a big amount though. But nonetheless, you’ll just need to trade around by using Verizon Wireless as a mobile internet service.

Buy From Amazon

Buy the Moto Z2 Play at $10/month

If you are looking for an affordable and excellent option rather than Pixel, then you should look on Moto Z2 Play. Currently, the device is sold at $17/month. However, availing through this phone will get you $10/month as needed. A $7 a month discount seems a good price to start on saving into.

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Additional Discounts on some Smart Phones

Aside from Motorola and Google Pixel, you’ll be expecting to receive more discounts on these new phone brands that could be coming this year. You should brace on it because Samsung S8/S8+ will costs you $23.16/month in contrast to $31.50/month it normally prices. Also, the LG V30 which normally costs you $35/month, you will get it for $26.66/month.

Offering Unlimited Data

While T-Mobile has been introducing this service way back 2011, Verizon Wireless has opened its doors to an option of unlimited data. This allows users to stream videos or surf on the internet without minding the data charges that it will follow on.

Utilization of Verizon Unlimited and Fios with $20 discount per month

If you are a fan of cable TV, then this is your time to enjoy unlimited internet service and at the same time, Fios with its $20/month discount on your bills. Nonetheless, this discount will easily get reflected in your bills once you’ve to avail the two subscriptions. Though at the start the discounts and promos won’t be realized, as time passes by you will see the effect on it as needed.
> iPhone X plus
> iPhone 8
Who does not want an iPhone X and iPhone 8? We all do. That is why, Verizon is keeping the mass craving for iPhone X by allowing everyone to avail the I Phone X and at the same time, you could give it as a gift or get a spare phone with the add-on I Phone 8. Aside from the iPhone 8, it also includes an unlimited data. Everything will just cost you for about $41.66/month. There’s certainly no loss with this option!

Promo Codes and Coupons

Surf the internet and get some promo codes or coupons as needed. There are a lot of legit coupons from $100 off to some phones, free $25 gift cards, free shipping with some devices, and many other more. You could easily check it out as you’ve wanted it on the internet.

Employee and Military Discounts

Other than phone discounts and coupons, people who are in the military could avail 12% discount on some features and plans (exclude data only plans) to only select military personnel and veterans. To register with these promos, you could easily visit on the Military Discounts and Careers Page of Verizon’s website to get more details.

Nonetheless, the employees of Verizon also receives a $15 account discount upon subscription of the Go Unlimited Beyond and Beyond Unlimited internet package of the company.

Bonus Data

This essentially is the extra data that you’ve earned upon availing some promotions that Verizon Wireless offers. Nonetheless, this data will be added directly to the account once you’ve completed all the necessary things that you need to do.
Thus, you’ll be eligible to with bonus data if you avail on the following plans. This includes the following;
> The new Verizon Plan
> The Verizon Plan
> The MORE Everything Plan

Data Gift

Similar to bonus data, this feature allows users to send data as a gift to another Verizon Wireless customer. Thus, if you are a subscriber to any shared monthly plan, then you could avail this service as needed. You could easily use the Verizon or any messaging app to help you accompany with this promo. All that you need is to reply to the message with your pin code to get more details.

Lifeline and Link Up Programs

These programs are intended government assistance in your monthly bills. Nevertheless, this corresponding program differs accordingly from state to state as needed. Those who are included in the Federal Poverty Guidelines will most likely avail this program. Aside from that, veterans, members of Tribal Lands, and disabled could look up into this program.

But nonetheless, not all family members could subscribe to this program. It is strictly noted that only one per household use this program. For an application, you could easily contact the Lifeline Hotline 1.800.417.3849 or go to

Verizon Referral Rewards

This is a reward program that is offered to all Verizon subscribers rewarding up to $200 per month Visa Gift cards for users who could refer at least 3 customers in a month.

To become eligible, you should just establish an account availing the standard monthly plan and still without subscribing to any entitled given discounts. These accounts will be verified and activated within 30 days, in good standing for 45 days.

To complete the process, all you need to do is sign in to My Verizon and choose a referral option whether email, Facebook, or text. Click for a personal message, then offer him or her Verizon Wireless plans.

Once he or she activates the referral, you and the referred person will be notified by an email. Not just you, but the referral person will also get a reward as related to the email received.

$150 switch to Verizon

If you decided to switch from any wireless carrier to Verizon, then you’ll get a $150 Prepaid Mastercard readily. All you need to do is to subscribe to any standard monthly plan such as the Beyond Unlimited or Go Unlimited for direct activation.


With all of these promos and discounts, Verizon Wireless has been truly doing all the employed strategies to entice customers. Thus, with too many competitors, Verizon Wireless has been trying to make an edge over all them by having these promos and discounts offered to its users.

But nonetheless, not just Verizon, but its competitors have been making an effort to give Verizon a fight on offering different things to its customers, prompting them to switch into their wireless carrier.

Thus, it’s really a tough competition between all of these brands. Though Verizon, unlike any others has entirely survived and still not toppled for how many years of dominating in the wireless telecommunications industry. Rest aside from these promos, Verizon Wireless is truly a reliable and quality wireless telecommunications company that you could try with.

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