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Information technology does not work without internet connectivity and without wireless internet human being can’t think of a single moment about the smart household. But everyone can’t afford their smart life for adverse balance. They fill lack of internet, voice calling, group conference, tv shows etc for financial problems. Verizon wireless takes several actions to find out them and Verizon is a world’s largest internet and telecommunications companies. Verizon makes lifeline offers Verizon internet for low income families.

Yes USA residents who have included low income records since their monthly income, they can get the lifeline discount from Verizon. Lifeline is a government assistance program that will help you get the discounted home phone service and broadband internet. Verizon handles the offer via Verizon Fios internet service. Without Verizon internet, there is a bunch of low income internet service providers such as Access from AT&T, Internet Essentials, Cox low income internet, Spectrum internet assist. But why I mention here only Verizon internet because the Verizon is most powerful and renowned than the others.

Verizon internet for low income families

Verizon internet for low income families

After getting lost of positive feedback from Verizon wireless free government phone. The world’s biggest telecommunications companies Verizon takes action to share high-speed broadband internet service with low income families and the Universal service fund (USF) is an affordable right hand of Verizon. Verizon wireless is definitely better than others low income internet service providers. You might be though how Verizon is better than others? Yes, I have the proof and in this informative article, I am going to share with you my hardworking results. I am also a member of poor families and it’s my real experience about Verizon wireless low income internet.

Requirement for the Verizon Wireless Lifeline Program Participation

Hopefully, you understand that a few requirements needed to get the discount from several internet providers. For your kinds information here is a few requirement for Verizon internet for poor families. You must have participated in the list of services. If you or your family members are included in the single service list of below. Then you can apply for the discount and here the list below.

  • Medical
  • Supplemental security income SSI
  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food Stamps)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Federal Veterans pension
  • Eligibility based on income

Verizon Wireless Low Income Internet Plans and Speeds

Currently, the Verizon offers two kinds of broadband internet and voice calls offers. If you’re enabling for low income discount offer you can subscribe 10Mbps and download limited 250GB at $9.25 per month. And voice calls over the wireless phone at 750 minutes in the same price. This is the current offer and after a few months, Verizon wireless will publish the new plans for 2018.  

Compare with top three low income internet provider

Verizon internet for low income familiesAccess from AT&T
Nowadays AT&T becomes and started the low income internet service besides the Verizon and starting to provide AT&T high-speed internet for low income US customers. If anyone qualifies with low income customers they can use AT&T broadband internet by paying monthly $5. Before making deals with the AT&T low income internet you should understand about AT&T internet speed for your more help read the AT&T internet speeds reviews. If you subscribe to $5 monthly package you will get 3Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speeds. And if you will subscribe with $10 monthly packages you will get 10Mbps download and 3Mbps uploading speed

Internet Essentials
Internet Essential is an internet program which works with the biggest low-income internet service of Comcast. You can get the internet service of Internet Essential for only $9.95/month in lieu of $40 to $60 company charges for its little plan if you stay in the areas which are served by Comcast. Besides the low price, you will enjoy a superb 10 Mbps download speed. In spite of all, qualified families will also capable of buying a computer for just $150. Also, there is no activation fees and no additional fees required for this internet service. You can purchase the world-renowned Norton Security for only $160 and it provides online security.

Cox – Communications
If you’re network coverage people and low income families than cox communications are better ways to use higher standards internet speed. Currently cox communications provider you 5Mbps high speed internet for your household. Yes, this is the better way to streaming videos, online games, internet browsing etc. But one thing keeps in mind cox communications internet service provider allowed only single internet connection for every household. If you are low income families and try to use multiple low income internet service cox communications will disqualify you.

Terms And Condition For Verizon Lifeline  Program

In a life where internet is a much-needed object, all the person don’t have so much afford to go with the high rated internet. With a view to solving this matter, Verizon has decided to provide low income internet, especially for the low income families. In the case of purchasing any low income internet, terms and condition is the main focal point. If I will discuss about terms and condition, lifeline program will appear first. Lifeline is a government supported program which provides discounts to only qualified low income customers. If you are capable of the Lifeline discount service, then you will be able to get a lower rate on your Verizon month by month bill. Lifeline service is a non-transmitted discount service. Only one Lifeline discount will be granted for per family. One family is not allowed to get different Lifeline discount from the different internet provider. Verizon offers different Lifeline plans for home phone service or broadband internet service. The discount plan for the broadband is restricted to Fios internet service with a speed of max 10 Mbps or can go above asper connection speed.  

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